Day 9 Reflection

I walked to my morning class and then off to work. I was in my work office the hold day until my late class. I was still able to give out my note cards because there are always people that I haven’t met or interact with at work. When I got to work, I notice that there was people in the front desk but my coworker wasn’t there. I couldn’t communicate so I went to find my other coworkers and tapped on her shoulder. I pointed to the front desk and she understood. She wasn’t working but she went to help the students. One of the student asked about the tape and I gave my cards to all 3 of the students. My coworker explain that I was doing this for awareness of sexual assault. I couldn’t correct her but I felt that my card explain well enough that it is specifically sexual abuse.

Around 6pm, the tape really starts to irritated and so I hurried back home to peel off the tape to take a break. Today, I avoided most eye contact as I walked by strangers. I was the one ignoring them now. People are still taking a longer look or not really looking too. I wonder if that was how I was before the tape. I feel like I am starting to forget how I usually interact with others and how I talked to people. I think I have been isolating myself more, especially at work and home because I can’t talk to people. I am sort of a people person. I get energy from people and so just being back at school was already starting to feel comforting and supportive.

Day 7 Reflection 

Today felt like a recovery day. I slept until noon. I didn’t go out today It was very refreshing, yet tiring. I had a chance to cook lunch and dinner as well relaxing until the evening. Today was a recovery day for my skin. My upper lips is still a little sensitive but the little time I got with no tape should helped a bit.

I was hoping that I would be able to go home today but my sister didn’t tell me that she have already left and then came back to the apartment. Anyways, I want to see my family and see what their response will be with duck tape over my mouth. I guess I will have to wait until next weekend.

I have forgotten about my project today since I didn’t have tape over my mouth the whole day. I start singing and commenting on something but I stopped myself. This is the weekend and it is quite different from the weekdays. I think it will be hard again on the first few days for the second week. But I am ready now. Today mark the 7th day of my silence performance.

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