Taped Stories Voices

Taped Stories: Hear Our Voices

Six real stories shared by brave souls and retold by allies.

I had the Taped Stories voices display in my work place, a safe place for students for about 1 1/2 hours. There was more students then usual on Fridays.

I struggle to get the audio started on time and projecting it in the space. As the audio starts to play with the first story, my supervisor asked me to explain and warn to the staffs and students that may trigger memories. I tried my best to explain and continue playing. I also use their white board to write down the event. Students continue to do what they have already been doing, while some left the space. I was not sure if anyone was really listening but I think a few stayed for a few minutes before leaving and moving on. I took some pictures and went into my office. I went out to replay the audio when it complete a cycle.

I saw the space as an art place but it did not function as an art space. There was many students going in and out, doing their own thing. On the tables, many people were talking over the audio. Some students seems to ignored the loud audio. I started to become very bothered by the reaction of the students. These stories are meant to be listen but I did not sense any. I was offended that no one seemed to cared and I became protective of these stories. I wanted to stop the audio so very badly.

As an hour passed, more students left the space.  My boss stopped to listen for a bit and told me that this piece was very powerful. I didn’t know how to respond beside saying thank you.


I realized that my work place, a safe space that students can come and chill was not the right place for these stories. These students was already there and did not choose to listen to the Taped Stories.  If this was an exhibition space, I could image people stopping to sit and listen for a bit and then leaving.

My ideas was that these stories would be project very loud in the public so that people can be expose to these stories. This was suppose to have their stories heard literally. And so that this topic can become normal to talk about, if we keep talking more about it. I am glad to have experiment the audio display in my work place because now I know that these stories are very precious. I am afraid to work with it now.

These brave souls are trusting me with their stories and I think their stories need to be display in a different way. These stories need to be treated with great care, but I am not sure how. I am worry that their stories will be treat with little care and even abuse.  I don’t care if these stories are not getting to many people, I want these stories to get to the right people now, those who may need to hear these stories to fight their battles.



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