About the Project

Taped Stories Project

This project is to bring awareness to sexual violence and abuse. I hope to give visibility to those who have been deeply hurt and impacted. This is a chance for those who have been affected to share their story because their voices may change lives.

My Commitment:

I will be doing a silence performance for 19 days to show visibility to my experiences of sexual abuse. I will have tape over my mouth to symbolize that I did not speak about my sexual abuse experiences. I hope to encourage and challenge others to share their stories. After the 19th day, I will collected all stories and create a video of readings of trusted folks.

I will remain silent for 19 days.

I will have tape over my mouth.

I will have a notepad to communicate if necessary.

I will reflect each night using this blog.

I will document my interaction with people and daily activities.

I will take a picture of myself each day of different hour of the day. Stay updated on my performance here.

I will take a few minute of video recording of different hour of the day. 

When ask why I have tape over my mouth, I will give them this note card.

If a supervisor or professor inquires about my performance, I will hand them a different card that explains my project.

Click here to see my performance art schedule for April 2017.

To submit your story, email me at: TapedStories@gmail.com Or go to my contact page.

I am Ready to Share


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